Introduction and Mission

Established in 1934, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) is a non-profit making industrial organisation.  In the past nine decades, CMA has grown significantly and is now one of the most representative industrial associations in Hong Kong. With some 3,000 member companies, CMA is committed to promoting Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial development.


CMA closely monitors developments in the international market and domestic and external conditions that may affect Hong Kong’s trade and industry.  CMA’s activities and services are aimed at promoting the well-being of Hong Kong as a whole. It also attaches great importance to fostering international understanding and cooperation.



  • Promoting trade and industrial development
  • Improving the business environment
  • Representing the industrial sector in the formulation and implementation of Government policies
  • Participating in community development work
  • Fostering international understanding and co-operation
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibility