Comment and Analysis

CMA pays close attention to the latest trends and measures which are beneficial to industry upgrade and transformation, and conveys the most updated information and advice to its members with an aim to help them seize the opportunities. 

Date Article
2024/2/23 Hong Kong Economy Staying Afloat with the Year of Loong
2024/2/07 GBA Unveils New Development Plans for Cross-border Cooperation and the Implications for Hong Kong
2024/1/30 Hong Kong Silver Economy: Ushering in the Golden Age
2024/1/15 Silver Economy: The Experience of Selected Economies
2023/12/12 Pilot Trial 2.0: Mainland Experiences and the Implications for Hong Kong
2023/11/08 The Rise of Korean Food industry and the Inspirations for Hong Kong 
2023/10/09 Hong Kong Economic Outlook for 2024
2023/09/27 Rising Tide: How Hong Kong Brands Ride on the Wave of China-Chic
2023/09/14 Development Plan for Shenzhen Park of Hetao Zone: Ushering in a New Stage for Hong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Cooperation
2023/08/30 Lightening Up Hong Kong's Night-time Economy: Drawing on Overseas Experience
2023/08/28 Hong Kong's Mid-2023 Population Data: Short-term and Long-term Implications
Hong Kong's I&T Ecological Chain: Enhancing Government-Industry-Academia-Research Collaborative Mechanism
2023/07/06 Developing Industrial Tourism in Hong Kong: Prospects and Strategies
2023/06/28 Industrial Tourism: Cresting New Values Through Industry Convergence
2023/06/01 EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: A New Front of Global Trade Landscape