Special offers to ESG Pledge Participating Company

CMA will work closely with partners and professional bodies to provide related ESG Programme (e.g. Happiness at Work Scheme Promotion Scheme), activities, seminars, training courses, testing and certification and brand development to ESG Pledge participating companies/organizations. Some of them provides special offer to ESG Pledge Participating companies


Offer 1: CLP provides offers to ESG Pledge participating companies.  Details: www.clp.com.hk/SmartEnergyOnline

Offer 2: CMA Testing special offer on Global ESG supply chain evaluation platform

Offer 3: Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd offer ESG related services

Offer 4: HSBC provides offers to green financing


For enquiry, please contact Ms. Mui or Ms. Cheung  of the ESG Pledge Scheme Secretariat (Tel: 2542 5710)