Business Sector Integrity Charter

“Business Sector Integrity Charter”
Subscription Guidelines
Eligible Participants of the Business Sector Integrity Charter Member companies of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) or participating companies of CMA ESG+ Programme

Through active collaboration with major chambers of commerce, the Business Sector Integrity Charter promotes their member and related companies to strengthen integrity management and adopt an Integrity Management System (IMS) for upholding and enhancing the professionalism and integrity of the business sector, sharing good experience and practices with other enterprises and institutions as well as generating integrity momentum, thereby promoting Hong Kong as an international centre for integrity.

IMS consists of three integrity elements including “one delegation” and “two commitments”-
"One Delegation"
  • Delegate an “Integrity Officer” to assist in the implementation and oversight of integrity policy and good corporate governance, and to foster and sustain a culture of integrity among staff members.
"Two Commitments"
  • implement an integrity policy that includes 10 core integrity elements
  • arrange the “Integrity Officer” or at least one senior management staff member to participate in a minimum of one integrity training course provided by ICAC every year
The Business Sector Integrity Charter will be rolled out to major local chambers of commerce in phases. Member companies of CMA or participating companies of CMA ESG+ Programme, the first-phase partner of the Charter, can voluntarily join the Charter. Participating companies are required to oversee the implementation of the Charter, while the Charter Secretariat will conduct random check on the integrity training records. If under any circumstances a participating company fails to meet the requirements of the Charter, we will take follow-up action and reserve the right to remove the company from the Charter’s participation list.

The “3As”Benefits of joining the Business Sector Integrity Charter

Amplifying Business and Commercial Values

Clients of the business sector (including government departments, public bodies and private organisations) attach great importance to integrity, which is one of their considerations in selecting business partners. Joining the Business Sector Integrit y Char ter and adopting IMS demonstrate your company’s commitment in adhering to the highest standards of integrity as well as boost customer confidence in your company’s integrity and reliability, and therefore amplifies your business and commercial value.

Attracting Investors
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a red-hot element gaining prominence in investing globally. With integrity being part and parcel of governance, implementing IMS makes your company stand out as a good choice for investors all over the world (including the Belt and Road countries), and helps expand your businesses.

Adding Resistance against Corruption and Integrity Violations
Local and overseas authorities are according utmost importance to business entities’ anti-corruption systems and performance. Joining the Business Sector Integrity Charter and implementing IMS increase your resistance to corruption and integrity violations. By self-improving the enterprise management system, the participating companies can share their good experience to other companies and institutions (including those in the Belt and Road countries), thereby telling the good story of Hong Kong’s clean business environment.

What Support Can You Get?
1. Advisory Services
Assisting you in drawing up the company’s integrity policy, and providing corruption prevention advice on business processes upon request

2. Training
Organising integrity training

3.Corruption Prevention Resources
Providing corruption prevention publications and tools for different sectors and functions

For details, please visit our dedicated website - Upon successful subscription to the Charter, your company’s name will be publicised on the participating company list on the Charter’s dedicated webpage.

For enquiries, please send email to the Business Sector Integrity Charter Secretariat -

Subscription Procedures
1.Complete the subscription form and draw up your integrity policy (reference can be made to the sample integrity policy provided by ICAC)
2.Email the subscription form and integrity policy to the Business Sector Integrity Charter Secretariat (
3.Receive a confirmation letter and statement of commitment from the Secretariat
Subscription Guidelines Subscription Form Sample Integrity Policy
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