Trade and Economic Bulletin

The CMA published “Trade and Economic Bulletin” regularly to provide succinct review on the latest economic issues, as well as updates on policy developments in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas.  It also includes topical analytical reports on selected economic and policy issues. 

Date Title Content
2022/09/29 Issue 18, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Economic Outlook for 2023: Sailing Against the Current
2022/09/21 Issue 17, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Establishing “Buffer Zone” of Customs Clearance to Facilitate the North Metropolitan Development
2022/08/30 Issue 16, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Building China's Unified National Market: The Role of Hong Kong
2022/08/11 Issue 15, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Reopening Hong Kong’s Border: Towards the Last Mile of Normalisation
2022/07/26 Issue 14, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Building China Unified Domestic Market to Underpin “Dual Circulation" Economy
​2022/07/11 Issue 13, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Cooperation Platforms: A Comparison of Qianhai, Hengqin and Nansha Development Plans
2022/06/20 Issue 12, 2022 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2022/06/09 Issue 11, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Brands Go GBA: Strategies to Harness Changes and Win the New Game
2022/05/26 Issue 10, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Exploring the Mystery of NFT
2022/05/05 Issue 9, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Restructuring Fiscal Policies for the Post Covid-19 Era: Implications for Hong Kong
2022/04/25 Issue 8, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Restructuring Fiscal Policies for the Post Covid-19 Era: An Overview of International Experiences
2022/04/13 Issue 7, 2022 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2022/03/24 Issue 6, 2022 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2022/03/14 Issue 5, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • China’s 2022 Government Work Report: Embracing Challenges in a Down-to-earth Manner
2022/02/22 Issue 4, 2022 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Global Energy Transformation: Fueling up Hydrogen Revolution