Trade and Economic Bulletin

The CMA published “Trade and Economic Bulletin” regularly to provide succinct review on the latest economic issues, as well as updates on policy developments in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas.  It also includes topical analytical reports on selected economic and policy issues. 

Date Title Content
2024/07/23 Issue 14, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • The Third Plenary Session of the 20th CPC Central Committee: Resolute in Further Deepening Reform
2024/07/15 Issue 13, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Industries' ESG Wave: Motives and Trends
2024/06/27 Issue 12, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Blue Carbon: Blue Ocean for Carbon Market
2024/06/14 Issue 11, 2024 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2024/05/28 Issue 10, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Low-altitude Economy: Elevating Hong Kong's Industrial Development to a New Height
2024/05/14 Issue 9, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Unleashing New Quality Productive Forces in Hong Kong
2024/04/24 Issue 8, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Understanding China’s Pursuit of New-Quality Productive Force:  Background and Approaches
2024/04/08 Issue 7, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • A Dark Horse to Spearhead Mainland China's High-Quality Development
2024/03/14 Issue 6, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • China's 2024 Government Work Report: Embracing New Quality Productive Forces
2024/03/11 Issue 5, 2024 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2024/02/23 Issue 4, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Economy Staying Afloat with the Year of Loong
2024/02/07 Issue 3, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • GBA Unveils New Development Plans for Cross-border Cooperation and the Implications for Hong Kong
2024/01/30 Issue 2, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Silver Economy: Ushering in the Golden Age
2024/01/15 Issue 1, 2024 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Silver Economy: The Experience of Selected Economies
2023/12/22 Issue 27, 2023 (Chinese Version Only) Download