Position Papers

To ensure that the interests of industry and the public are represented and protected, the CMA conducted detailed study and analysis on all business-related issues or policies and then reflected its advice and concerns to the policy makers. 

Date Submission


CMA's Suggestions on "2014 Policy Address & 2014-15 Budget" (Chinese Version Only)


CMA's Consultation on "Negotiation of Trade in Services"


CMA's Comments on "Public consultation on legislative proposals to improve corporate insolvency law" (Chinese Version Only)


CMA's Comments on "Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2013" (Chinese Version Only)


CMA's Comments on "Regulation of Patent Agency Services" Consultation Paper (Chinese Version Only)

2013/04/19 CMA's Suggestions on 2013Policy Address and 2013-14Budget (Chinese Version Only)


CMA's Comments on "A New Producer Responsibility Scheme on Glass Beverage Bottles" Consultation Paper (Chinese Version Only)


CMA's Comments on "Bills Committee on Trust Law (Amendment) Bill 2013" (Chinese Version Only)


CMA's Comments on new regime for protecting or withholding personal information from public inspection under the New Company Ordinance


CMA's Suggestions on "Potential Partner for Comprehensive Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement" 

2012/07/27 Join the Free Trade Area between China and SE Asian Nations (Chinese Version Only)
2012/06/01 CMA's Comments on "Provision of Legal Framework for Entering into Tax info Exchange" (Chinese Version Only)
2012/05/15 CMA's Comments on "Detailed Legislative Proposals on Trust Law Reform" (Chinese Version Only)
2012/05/14 CMA's Suggestions on "Panel on Commerce and Industry" (Chinese Version Only)
2012/03/16 CMA's Comments on "Retention of Headcount Test" (Chinese Version Only)