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CMA pays close attention to the latest trends and measures which are beneficial to industry upgrade and transformation, and conveys the most updated information and advice to its members with an aim to help them seize the opportunities. 

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2015/12/22 中國式供給經濟學:調結構、促改革的變奏 (Chinese Version Only)
2015/12/09 「一帶一路」的戰略思路與香港前期參與的切入點 (Chinese Version Only)
2015/11/12 TPP門外的中國:壓力背後是動力 (Chinese Version Only)
2015/10/08 香港經濟低速增長 外貿陷結構性減速 (Chinese Version Only)
2015/09/07 百業搶灘互聯網+ 跨界融合連接無限 (Chinese Version Only)
2015/08/11 互聯網+起風雲 創新升級添動能 (Chinese Version Only)
2018/07/23 香港農業能否「新」欣向榮 (Chinese Version Only)
2015/06/17 中國製造2025:夯實強國夢的根基 (Chinese Version Only)