CMA Delegation to Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province

Date: 2016/11/11 - 2016/11/14

CMA Vice President Mr Ng Ching Wun led a 17-member delegation to Ganzhou, Jiangxi from 11 to 14 November.

The delegation met with Mr Wu juwen, Deputy Mayor of Ganzhou Municipal Government, Mr Xiao Zuoxin, Director of Ganzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, Mr Lian Tianlang, Governor of the People Government of Zhanggong District and Mr Wu Jianping, Governor of the People Government of Dingnan County. Vice President Mr Ng Ching Wun signed MOU with the People Government of Zhanggong District and Dingnan County. During the trip, the delegation visited Ganzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Ganzhou Zhonglian Envirotech Development Co. Ltd, H.C. Starck Jiangwu Tungsten Specialties (Ganzhou) Co. Ltd, Ganzhou Beyond Sci-Tech Co. Ltd, Jiangxi Yiyuan Multimedia Technology Co. Ltd, Jiangxi Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Group (Second Phrase), The Dingnan Custom Zone, Dingnan Sports Centre, Ganyue PV Glass of Jiangxi Co. Ltd, Ganzhou Sieleg Rare-earth New Marteial Co. Ltd and SMtech Circuit Board(Ganzhou) Co. Ltd., The delegation also went to Ming Yuan Di Wei and Jiuqu Vacation Village for sightseeing and picked navel orange.

Deputy leader of the delegation was CMA General Committee Member Mr Yu Tak Ming. Other delegates include CMA Ladies’ Committee Vice Public Relations Officer Ms Lau Wing, members of CMA Ladies’ Committee and CMA, enterprise representatives and staffs from CMA Secretariat.