CMA Delegation to Wuzhou, Guangxi

Date: 2013/10/28 - 2013/10/30

CMA Executive Committee Member, Mr Simon Wong led a 28-members delegation to Wuzhou, Guangxi from 28-30 October.

The delegation attended the dinner reception hosted by Mr Huang Zhenrao, Vice Mayor of Wuzhou Municipal Government and met with Government Officials of Wuzhou, such as Ms Lia Qun, Wuzhou Investment Promotional Bureau, Mr Pan Xiongsen, District Mayor of Wanxiu District People’s Government and Mr Liang Zhenyuan, General Director of Wanxiu District Bureau of Commerce. During the trip, the delegation visited Hongling New Area, Guangxi Wuzhou Industrial Zone, Wuzhou Imported Recyclable Resources Processing Park, ‎Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Experimental Zone, Shenguan Food and Health Park, the Zhongheng Group, Modern Metal & Refining Ltd, and Qilou Building Street.

The Deputy Leaders of the delegation were CMA Executive Committee Member Mr Joseph Lau and Honorary President Mr Chan Kim Sing. Other delegates included General Committee Member Mr Yu Tak Ming, Chairman of Furniture & Fixtures Committee Mr Nelson Law, CMA members, representatives from Food Industry and Secretariat Staffs.


Mr Huang Zhenrao(2nd from right), Vice Mayor of Wuzhou Municipal Government and Mr Pan Xiongsen(2nd from left), District Mayor of Wanxiu District People’s Government accompanied the delegation Leader, Mr Simon Wong(1st from right), Deputy Leader, Mr Joseph Lau(1st from left) and the delegates to Qilou Building Street in Wanxiu District


Delegation Leader, Mr Simon Wong(7th from right, first row), Deputy Leader, Mr Joseph Lau(6th from left, first row) and the delegates met Mr Zhang Zhengsheng(7th from left, first row), Deputy Director of ‎Guangdong - Guangxi Cooperation Experimental Zone.