Green Council - Webinar on“Climate Change Mitigation “What can you do right now”(Supported by CMA)

Date:  2022/2/22  Time:  13:45-16:50
Venue:  Webinar
Language: English
Contact Person:  Green Council      Tel: 2810 1122

This captioned event is organized by Green Council and supported by CMA. COP26 is over and we can take stock and reflect on the progress that has been made, but with countless ambitious goals being set and continued pressure on everyone to make changes, 2022 will be a big year for climate mitigation action. What can you do now? This webinar invites businesses to share "what and how climate change mitigation investment decisions are made", update their latest progress and practices in climate change mitigation, and how they are preparing for climate action. Their success stories are invaluable to professionals who need to make or evaluate investment decisions.

For more details and registration, please visit the following website: