7th Golden Age Expo and Summit 2022(GAES) (Supported by CMA)

Date: 2022/08/05-07
Time : 11:00-19:00
Venue: Hall 5G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Fee: Free
Contact Person: Golden Age Foundation
Tel 8102 1068 / 8102 1268
E-mail: info@goldenage.foundation
The captioned event is organized by Golden Age Foundation and supported by CMA.
Renowned as Hong Kong's most reputable and best-attended event for smart ageing development, the 7th Golden Age Expo and Summit (2022) celebrates the theme of “Smart Ageing: Innovation, Sustainability and Inclusion”.
The Expo and Summit is a transformative and forward-looking co-creation platform, featuring the latest smart ageing technology, products and services. The Summit will gather influential local and overseas thinkers and leaders from various sectors to share their experiences and innovative ideas on ageing.
This year, the 7th GAES 2022 will present both online and offline summit events for visitors. The online Zoom summit section will be held 29 and 30 July (Friday and Saturday). The two-day virtual event connects visitors around the world with 20+ speakers from overseas and the Greater Bay Area. The event is specially curated to explore various smart ageing concepts and practices in global markets, such as the UK, Taiwan, Japan and the Greater Bay Area.
The offline section will be held from 5 to 7 August (Friday to Sunday) at Hall 5G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai.  Golden Age Expo - At some 100 booths by exhibitors from all over the world, explore the latest smart ageing solutions, including healthcare, tech, retirement plans, community services, lifestyle products and more. Golden Age Summit - Join renowned speakers from different sectors and participate in inspirational discussions that address a diverse range of thought-provoking topics on smart ageing. Also featured are 20+ exhilarating performances by Hong Kong’s performing art groups as well as enlightening talks on corporate, finance, medical and healthcare, work and retirement, financial planning, cross-generational education.

 Register for the 7th GAES Physical Golden Age Expo and Summit: https://goldenage.foundation/en/gaes2022/registration
 Register for 7th GAES Online Summit: https://goldenage.foundation/en/gaes2022/online-registration
 More details: https://www.goldenage.foundation/en/gaes2022