Microelectronics Technology Consortium (METC) (supported by CMA)

Contact Person: METC Secretariat
Tel: 3406 0258
Email: metc@astri.org
Witnessed by Professor Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry and Ms Rebecca Pun, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology and reputable stakeholders in the ecosystem, the Microelectronics Technology Consortium (METC) was successfully launched on 9 November 2022 as a key milestone and core initiative of ASTRI to pull together microelectronics related players in the upper-middledown stream to network, share insights, identify technology solutions and explore project collaboration opportunities. METC will play a role as a bridge to connect the academic community with the industry, dedicated to facilitating the re-industrialisation in Hong Kong, directing a new way of development for the industry, academia and research institutes, and continuously making contributions to the transformation of Hong Kong into an international innovation and technology hub. If you are interested in joining METC, please contact METC’s Secretariat for details.