Hong Kong Science Fair (supported by CMA)

Date: 17-18 June 2023 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm 
Venue: Exhibition Hall 3FG, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Contact: Hong Kong Innovation Foundation
Tel: 9026 3169
Email: enquiry@hksciencefair.org.hk
The Hong Kong Science Fair (HKSF), organised by the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation and supported by CMA, provides an interactive platform for students to overcome challenges in the community with an innovative and human-centric way. With the mission of ‘Think Big Be Innovative’, participating students are looking into challenges today such as COVID-19, climate change, environmental pollution, medical & healthcare, ageing population, renewable energy sources, and water scarcity. Almost all the major challenges that we are now facing require sustained commitments over years for long-term solutions. Many of these problems are science-centric which solutions will require either scientific discovery or the application of science, or both. Students are going to apply their knowledge of science, technology, and design to develop hardware prototypes and learn how to refine and present their own ideas. Please access the following link for event registration: https://reghksciencefair.org.hk/vip/reg.php. For exhibition details please access the official website: www.hksciencefair.org.hk