Invitation for The Hong Kong Volunteer Award: The Outstanding Corporate & Non-Commercial Organization Award (supported by CMA)

Contact: The Hong Kong Volunteer Award Secretariat
Tel: 3156 2638
The Hong Kong Volunteer Award (“HKV-Award”), co-organized by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency for Volunteer Service, is dedicated to recognizing the contributions and achievements of outstanding volunteers and teams, young people, corporations, organizations from various sectors, cross-sectoral partnership projects, estates, and schools. With the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, six more new awards will be added to the 2023 edition. The HKV-Award aims to inspire more people, particularly young people, people over 50, and first-time volunteers, to participate in volunteering and to unite the power of the community in building a caring and inclusive society. The Outstanding Corporate & Non-Commercial Organization Award commends business corporations for active involvement in volunteering, and pays tribute to business corporations for their contributions and accomplishments in supporting employees to participate in volunteer service. Also, encouraging corporates to showcase and establish an exemplary corporate-volunteer model of promoting volunteerism, the award endeavours to enhance the profile and social recognition of corporate volunteering. For details and application please access the official website: Deadline of application is 15 Sep.