Co-events and Other Events

Date Titles
22/09/2022 Webinar on Climate Change Mitigation: Decarbonisation Technology and Innovation - What To Know and Do About it (Supported by CMA)
​2022/09/21 SME ESG Best Practices Industry Forum 2(Retail & e-Commerce Sector)(Supported by CMA)
2022/09/21 Directors’ Conference 2022 (supported by CMA)
2022/09/20 第八期《粵港澳熱點大講堂》

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2022/09/16 FHKI ESG for SMEs Forum 2022
Now until 2022/09/09 “Hong Kong Green Awards 2022” Open for Enrolment Now (supported by CMA)
2022/09/09 ESG Achievement Awards 2021/2022 - Post Awards Sharing — Carbon Trading and Neutral Strategy(Supported by CMA)
From now until 2022/09/09 “The 21th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award” Open for Enrolment Now (co-organised by CMA)
2022/09/07 「志史鑒今 砥礪前行:從改革開放到大灣區建設」粵港澳聯合網上研討會(本會支持)
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2022/09/06-08 Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE) (Supported by CMA)
From now to 2022/08/31 (Property & Construction)/From  2022/09/19 to 2022/11/18 (Retail & E-commerce) SME ESG Best Practices Recognition Programme”(Supported by the CMA)
2022/09/01 Green Council - Training Course on ““Implementation of “Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure”
(TCFD) recommendation” (Supported by CMA)
2022/08/30 Professional Integrity and Corruption Prevention in Testing and Certification Webinar 2022
​2022/08/19-22 Hong Kong Computer & Communication Festival (HKCCF)
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2022/08/18 香港工商品牌保護陣綫-網上專題研討會(本會支持)

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