Outgoing Missions

The CMA regularly organises trade missions to various Mainland cities and overseas regions to explore business environment and the prospects in key or emerging markets.  These trade missions offer members direct access to government officials, business leaders and potential investors, and by meeting with them, we can advocate key trade issues and provide an update on Hong Kong’s latest developments. 

Date Title
2014/09/18 - 2014/09/20 CMA Delegation to Heilongjiang
2014/09/02 - 2014/09/04 廠商會高層代表團訪京 Please refer to Chinese Version
2014/04/29 - 2014/05/01 CMA Delegation to Chongqing
2014/04/14 - 2014/04/15 Delegation to “The 115th Session of China Import and Export Fair”
2014/04/04 - 2014/04/07 Delegation of Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Sectors Qingming Festival Ancestor Reverence in the Year of Jiawu 2014
2013/11/27 - 2013/11/29 Visit to Guangxi by Hong Kong SAR Trade Delegation

2013/11/04 - 2013/11/08

Hong Kong Business Mission to Hunan

2013/10/28 - 2013/10/30

CMA Delegation to Wuzhou, Guangxi

2013/10/23 - 2013/10/24

The 17th Beijing Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium

2013/10/19 - 2013/10/20

“18th Macao International Trade And Investment Fair” and “10th World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs”

2013/10/14 - 2013/10/15

Delegation to “The 114th Session of China Import and Export Fair”

2013/09/06 - 2013/09/08

CMA Delegation to the “11th Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau’s Trade and Economic Forum”

2013/08/19 - 2013/08/20

Hong Kong Major Chambers Visit Chongqing

2013/08/03 - 2013/08/04

CMA Delegation to Wuhan

2013/06/19 - 2013/06/21

CMA Delegation to “Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Developing in China”